Prequel body before pursuing Bodybuilding

#TBT: Prequel body before bodybuilding! Taken Feb 2012. This was the canvas I started with. Weird to think it took less than a year to build the body I needed for a sport I wanted to compete in! My tools; the WEIGHT ROOM, a clean diet, HARD WORK,  the work ethic of a thoroughbred workhorse 😜, DISCIPLINE, a killer attitude driven by PASSION and sheer DETERMINATION. Yo, anything is possible, believe it, see it, ACHIEVE IT! ….. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Bodybuilding #Transformation #Body #Fitspiration #Fitso #Physique #Bikini #Miami #Goal #Challenge #Achieve #Build #HerbaHeroes #Woman #Strong #Strength #Superwoman #Weightroom #Discipline #Passion #Hardwork

Selfie was take Feb, 2012


This picture was taken Sept, 2012



6 thoughts on “Prequel body before pursuing Bodybuilding

  1. You had a great starting canvas. I’m going to be on bedrest for a very long time and am freaking out because I’m getting skinny. Strength is beautiful. You looked great then, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about us women having strong, defined, solid bodies that’s breathtaking. Keep it up! You look awesome. 🙂

  2. You do what makes you happy girl, but all that effort, you look hotter just being you and not trying so hard. I’m a big fan, no disrespect. If you knew my story you, your heart would melt. But it’s so hard to hit a target where you feel comfortable remaining- the nature of human is to always go higher. Peace Queen

  3. Lita-
    I have just started following you and want to let know that you have an absolutely AMAZING body. The time you put into your fitness goals has paid off!

    Thank you for being an inspiration to me.

  4. Ok I’m being a creeper here but I NEED to know how you kept your boobs! I really want to lose weight but I can’t lie: the thought of losing my bust makes me think twice. You are one of the few people I’ve seen who has kept theirs. Please share your secret!!

    • Truth be told I don’t really keep them hun, the last few weeks up into it’s stage time they barely exist. Remember, boobies are primarily body fat, it is near impossible to want to drop excessive body weight and not lose in your breasts as well, unless of course you’re one of the few genetically gifted types. Find a comfortable weight, one that allows you to achieve your fitness goals, keep and maintain a trim body but also allows you to keep the right amount of body fat/breast tissue existing on your chest! It aint being a woman, right?! 😉

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