Kai Green – “Thinking is an action”


– The Mind is Everything –

A few weeks back I had the immense honor to meet the great, Kai Greene. Better yet, as I entered my very first posing class and stood among professionals in the sport of Bodybuilding Mr. Greene quietly and inconspicuously walked in late, removed his red hoodie, removed his red sweatpants and slipped off his red Reeboks and joined the single file line up facing the mirrors. I stood sweating bullets flexing every muscle in my body (well, attempting too) and almost choked as I realized it was him, Kai!

Weeks before I had spent hours watching video footage of him training, prepping for competition, eating, and explaining his philosophies on the sport and explaining the mental discipline that goes into competing in such a sport, and I was immediately in awe. What an amazing athlete I thought.

Besides the all that brawn and muscle you see there is so much more involved outside of pumping iron. I’ve grown to admire the professional Bodybuilder. It is their ability to master the ‘mind muscle’ that captivates me because I’ve come to learn that true power belongs to the mind and not any muscle we house in our bodies. The typical clichés we all have heard before, for instance “mind over matter” actually holds real significance. Somebody I am currently training with recently told me that in order to exercise my full potential in this sport I must first exercise & build up my mental strength, that I need to find & acknowledge my mental weaknesses so I can retrain myself & mental conscious to overcome weakness when it matters. The “when” is in the weight room, boxing ring, yoga class, on the track, or any other form of training I give my body too. I/we cannot lend our minds to weakness because it will only deter our bodies from achieving greatness. This invaluable advice has not left my conscious since.

Video: An inspirational training video using clips of Kai Greene speaking about his philosophy regarding the origin of successful action.

One thought on “Kai Green – “Thinking is an action”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in meeting Kai Green. That must have been a thrill! And Yes, the cliche “mind over matter” really does play part in sport, especially body building. When pushing through a heavy set, I’ve found that when my muscles starting the aching, burning and getting fatigued, its that mental toughness that pushes me through. What helps push through is knowing that to achieve my desired goal, I need to push through the pain. Which brings up another cliche “no pain, no gain”. Love your blogs Lita! : )

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