Q: I need a new challenge for my abs. My current ab workout is tired & boring plus I want to burn some belly fat while I’m toning, help?!

So you want those abs to pop huh?! The best kind of core workout in my opinion are movements that also incorporates cardio. You want to blast the fat around your core as well as simultaneously work those core muscles, easy!

Anything you can do without equipment is my preference. Means you can bust out into a core workout during those commercial breaks 😉

I found this video I think is a perfect example of all of the above:

I’d suggest doing 4-8 sets of these movements and then incorporate planks and side-planks targeting those oblique muscles in between sets of 2  – Holding planks will allow you to catch your breath (kinda!) in between these sets but still keep those ab muscles engaged & stimulated.

Works for me 😉

Let me know how you go!

Love LL

5 thoughts on “ASK ME ANYTHING: Abs

  1. Hey Lita, Love what your doing here! Very inspirational!!!! Gonna run your site by my clients;)
    On the subject of abs/core..
    We all have a six pack, some of us just have a little covering it. And because there no such thing as spot reduction or losing weight in a single area, your not going to lose belly fat w/out losing fat in other areas of the body. Which is normally a good thing for most of us. Lita, and the ripped dude, are on to something. Cardio (burning calories) is a great way to cut fat to help expose the ab region. As an alternative to cardio, or great on your off days (homework), is the no workout shed 500 calorie workout. What my clients call the “put down the bagel w/ cream cheese workout.” We all know what our “bagel w/ cream cheese” is.. The numbers: 3500 calories equal a lb and with a kick ass workout you’ll lose roughly 500 calories. So if your training 3x’s per week at -1500 calories a week in combination with “no workout shed 500 calories workout” @ 3x’s per week -1500, your on your way to losing 1lb per week. Less pounds means less fat around your mid section.
    Can also throw into the conversation about what gluten and dairy will do to your six pack but that’s for another posting.
    Now getting those abs to pop.. Once again she’s on to something. Because the muscles of the core operate in dynamic manner they have to be trained in a dynamic manner, in all planes of motion: front to back, side to side, and some sort of rotation through the hips or trunk. Like what this guy is demonstrating here, you don’t have to been on your back to strengthen your core. Though I would add some sort of lateral or multi-directional jump w/ rotation and/or planking using either the arm or leg to drive rotation.
    If crunches are your thing try this ratio: 1 rep of flexion of the spine to 1 rep extension of the spine. For the abs region to pop, I go as heavy as my clients can handle with proper form for 12 to 20 reps. Abs region kinda like the calf region, built for endurance but responds well with heavier loads and higher rep counts but not to high. But be careful with too many crunches, they only address the flexing motion (Sagittal plane) and two many of those can lead to serious postural distortions. Which can hurt you from above with upper cross syndrome which rounds the shoulders and can lead to shoulder (rotator cuff tears) and cervical spine injuries. Or from below with a Swayback, a posteriorly tilt in the pelvis. In response can cause low back pain, as well as, hip and hamstring tears.
    A strong core/mid section is one that will dynamically assist you in your functional life. No one muscle functions w/out the help of another. Start deep with the muscles that stabilize the body and work your way out. Great starting point is the Transverse abdominis. One of it’s functions is to help stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine. It’s been called “Natures weight belt.” Along with the glute region, probably one of the more important and under utilized muscle in the body.
    I’m gonna stop here. lol. Sorry for all this rambling. Happens sometimes.. Hope some of this is useful.
    Keep up the great work!! Bookmarked..!!

  2. Great ab workout. I have seen this dude’s video’s. He is hot… Couple of sets you are good! Part of my Circuit training…

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. hi lita, love your blog and you!! i wanted to ask you, I work out too and try to get a lean toned body, but if i eat that larg breakfast you mentioned you have everyday, won’t i gein weight?

    Maria 🙂

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