Monthly Inspiration: Pilar Sanders

Pilar Sanders; can you say PROTOTYPE?!

Deion (Pilar’s husband) most definitely picked himself a winner. Winner …hmm, what an understatement! This insanely gorgeous body birthed 5 children, yes, FIVE. Amazing and amazing. I really can’t speak on how much I admire her. I’ve always given much respect to fit, strong bodied women but when you can achieve this, after childbirth …5 times, then damn it my hat goes off to you! I’m waiting for Shape magazine to drop an article on her training secrets and exercise regime because we have a lot to learn ladies!

I’m quite aware that this video went viral & circulated many blog sites a few weeks back but here it is again, and I know you ain’t mad either.

Workkkkk Pilar!

Shout out to Sasha Jackson!

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