Body Vs. Body

Ahh slightly off topic but as you peep below it’s all worth a good derail. I’m talking body Vs body so I am practically still on beat here!

Conan The Barbarian is most definitely one of my most cherished childhood films. I vividly remember watching it after school along with my sister and cousins (you’d need both hands to count us all) in my aunt’s living room. We’d fight over the most central piece of carpet in front of the TV then lay bellies down, heads up, hands on chins watching as Arnie conquered his enemies on the telly. So naturally with the rise of this new rendition of Conan I’m feeling a little skeptical. Who is this Jason Momoa character and can he portray the almighty Arnie as Khal Drago, warrior of all warriors?! Let’s take a little peek shall we …Enjoy!

Arnie Vs. Jace

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Khal Drago, 1982

Original Trailer: Conan The Barbarian, 1982

…I had to add this, gives me goosebumps! Arnie’s Training, 1970s:

Jason Momoa as Khal Drago, 2011

Jason in this picture reminds me of a New Zealand native, Maori warrior after performing the Haka, warrior dance!

2011 Trailer

Interview with Jason as Khal Drogo:

Who wants to go and see this with me?!

4 thoughts on “Body Vs. Body

  1. first i love lita!! your little inspirations keep me going! i love jason hes hot but taken i believe! i cant wait to see Conan, it looks awesome!

  2. The new Conan movie was OK, but nothing like Arnold as Conan. Slightly biased as I’m a huge fan of the big guy! When it comes to Hollywood muscle, Arnold has set a bar yet to be reached by anyone!

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