Slim and Tone Your Thighs:


Looking to slim down the thigh area?

Wanting to tone the flab?

Well looky here…

Strong, toned legs not only look good, they help you stay on your feet longer and remain active, whether it’s playing sports, dancing or working and performing your daily functions. Women in particular worry that if they exercise their legs too much, they’ll get bulky. But the more you can tone your leg muscles and burn fat the skinnier your legs will look, especially if you do cardio exercises, such as running, brisk walking, bicycling or aerobics.

Check out a Jeanette Jenkins video on various exercises to help you slim and tone those thighs! I have recently incorporated into my lower body work outs as it pertains to my hamstrings, quads and transversus abdominals (lower abs). I’m using this combination as a warm up to heavier resistance and polymetrics training, completing 3-4 sets of 15-18 repetitions. You can alternate your count as it best suits you but don’t cheat yourself, the aim is the feel the burn! Don’t do anything less than 3 sets, 10 reps.

Video: ExerciseTV and Jeanette Jenkins

One thought on “Slim and Tone Your Thighs:

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