SPEED: Go Faster

My First & Everlasting Love … Track & Field

My love for Track & Field has stuck faithfully by my side for 20 plus years now. The sheer smell of warm rubber, the sight of athletes warming up, running drills and the quick rub-me-downs by coaches post race gets me stirring, every time, without fail. All the track meets I attend today triggers instant memories as if the moment occurred just a few days ago and I’ll sit for hours reminiscing, observing and cheering like I am somebody’s mama!

Every last inch of me is in love with this atmosphere! …If there was ever a true moment in time when I could confidently say I was passionate about something it was when I competed in track. My first & everlasting love …Track & Field!

Sharing some amazing imagery that inspires me to step it up and get to crankin’ …

One thought on “SPEED: Go Faster

  1. Love that last picture! That lady… what an athlete!!! Know the feeling, been remembering the Little As days of late and remember you Lita tearing up the 100m…haha you were famous!!! Hope you are well, gonna have a lil look round ya site there and heading back into tha sports!!! 😀

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