Advanced Ab Exercise: Forearm Plank Balances

Advanced Ab Exercise: Forearm Plank Balances

Look what I found! I love this ab exercise, and when I say love I mean love to hate it! I remember having to perform 10 reps of this exercise after each track practice as a young teen, hell, but it gets the job done.

The Nike Training Club teams with the one and only Jeanette Jenkins aka ‘The Hollywood Trainer’ and films her explaining how to get the job done. Tune in, then apply…

Courtesy of: NikeWomen

3 thoughts on “Advanced Ab Exercise: Forearm Plank Balances

  1. Wow that looks insane. Last week, I started the Nile training club workouts and it’s exciting to unlock those badges and rewards like the video above, they motivate me to keep working out. This plank move is gonna take me some time to master. My balance is a bit shaky. Can’t wait to do it though. Thanks for sharing Lita!

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