Plyo Anyone? …Lets get our HOP on!

I’m sharing exercise techniques that I am currently applying to my own training regime as it pertains to this triathlon I’m up against in just a few months!

The goal is to maintain strength and power in my legs without gaining extra muscle mass. Why don’t I want to gain muscle mass? Due to my genetics I have a tendency to gain muscle pretty quickly and genetically I am heavier than most for my height. I do not want to gain any more weight than I am currently carrying now because added weight will not be fun to swim with! Plus and above all else I promised my dear mother I wouldn’t sink and die out there! So with that said I really need to steer myself away from weight training (never an easy task!) and redirect my strength and power training without the use of weights. My answer is Plyometric Training, naturally!

Benefits of Plyo Training

  • Improves muscle response time
  • Increases muscle performance
  • Tones muscles
  • Improved balance and posture
  • Increases flexibility, reducing capability for injury

I’d recommend Plyo training for women who want to build stronger bodies but don’t necessarily want to gain too much muscle mass. Plyo is also terrific for toning the body and encouraging functional strength and power. I must stress that Plyo training must be performed correctly, like any form of training if done incorrectly it can lead to injuries predominantly in the knees and ankles. Avoid your ipod and any other distractions while doing Plyo, you want to lock your focus on what you’re doing and concentrate on your landings and foot placement. Sprained ankle, messed up posture?! I don’t think so! Focus!

I found some terrific videos to help demonstrate what I’m doing in the gym. Courtesy of GoodhealthfitnessUK:

…hit play:

Exercise 1: Lateral Bench Hop

Exercise 2: Lateral Box Hop

Exercise 3: Advanced Single Leg Bench Hop


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