My Inspiration?? …drumroll please!!

A common question, who inspires you?! this is my answer:

>>> MY SISTERS <<<

L-R: Larryn aka “Lazza”, Liana aka “Ana” and me aka “FollowTheLita” 🙂

OK so it’s super sappy I know but it’s true. As eldest of 3, my sisters are my primary source of motivation. I take it back to when I was young(er). Mum and dad would lay the “don’t you want to set a good example for your sisters?” line on me…ugh, back then I couldn’t have cared less but with age I have learned that this low form of parental blackmail holds a lot of significance & importance. I do want to set a good example for these two monkeys [and others]. Ultimately I want them to succeed, live healthy and eat right so I am motivated to lead by example.

Sidebar: My Spin instructor jumping off his bike to scream “push harder, faster, faster, faster!!!” all while grabbing for his Snickers bar …just doesn’t make any sense.

Today I pledge a lifestyle that is worthy of a following as it relates to your personal health and well-being!

We bought identical sister bracelets [From Target!] and made a pat we’d wear them everyday…Liana failed first, young people, smh.

Remember what/who inspires you. Take these thoughts with you when you leave for the gym or before you hit the court. Remembering what/who is most important may just help you achieve your goals, perform like a rockstar and sweat with purpose.

Works for me!

5 thoughts on “My Inspiration?? …drumroll please!!

  1. Question:

    Someone told me that if you sweat to much at the gym you are mainly losing the water in your body so it doesnt necessarily mean that you are working hard.. can u please advise if this person is talking rubbish? Coz if i am not sweating.. i dont feel like i am working hard..



  2. p.s. You are my inspiration.. I come to your blog for motivation & tips as well as look at all the pictures of HOT women working hard to maintain their fit bods. As I mentioned on your FB page.. I have lost 10cm on my stomach and I am seeing that the bulge has reduced which also motivates me to keep going.. so .. I also motivate myself when i notice the difference.. :).. Keep the updates coming.. 🙂 and more pics of you and your progress for the triathlon if possible?

  3. Hey Lita,

    U girls are GORGEOUS, what a family! ^^

    – I was wondering if U ever post your work outs and nutrition? I’m getting so stuck on this plateau (both gym and nutritional) and would love a little inspiration to get through it!

    Love the blog!

    • Thank you for your compliment 🙂
      I need to do a better job at sharing my current workouts, I promise to share what I’m doing on the blog soon! Thank you again, truly appreciated!! – LL

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