EYE CANDY with some KICK!

Lingerie Football League


These girls GO IN!

Am I wrong for posting this?! I mean, the LFL cops some negative flack and FollowTheLita is all about positive motivation but damn it I like a hardcore b*tch! No offense intended.

I say, so what she wears sexy lingerie, so what her booty cheeks make numerous appearances throughout the game, so what the girls are bumping chins and have a life of their own out there on the field …so what!!! This stuff is pure entertainment. Let the girls play, and let us watch!

Believe it; the majority of these women are real athletes, have real athletic ability and many (if not all) have some college level sporting background. Personally I think it sucks that lingerie is the uniform protocol, I don’t think it’s necessary …I’d watch the LFL if they were fully dressed! Perhaps I’m biased though, my love for football and empowering my fellow female competitor is just my thing.

Ehh, too much talk …pulled a few pictures I think are dope. I definitely hear a lil grunt and smell some boobie sweat! HA


And this video …whaaaa!!! …makes me want to stomp somebody full body!

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