Perhaps it was a good nights sleep or the fact that the sun was shining and the outdoor temperature read 56degrees on a mid November morning, whatever it was it sprung me right into gear and ready to take on an extremely hilly 9mile run!

After a good stretch of the calve muscles, a swig of H20, double take on the shoelace knots I was good to hit the road.

The day was so incredibly beautiful I snapped some pictures between the huffs and puffs. Now sharing;

The cliff edge I came from…


In these Nike’s

[not my favorite pair but the built in hydraulics – Nike call them Shocks – helped me absorb some impact].

My reward, a gorgeous view of the George Washington Bridge …[next time I’ll cross it!]

This is what exhaustion looks like & at this point the sweat beads had evaporated …but I live & [love] this feeling.

Call me crazy, that’s fine by me 🙂




Nike fans;

Women’s Nike Shox Turbo+ 10 iD Running Shoe, Buy here:

copy & paste in browser —> http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikewomen/en_US/shoes?hf=10001^12001^4294967132&p=PWP&t=Women%27s%20Running%20Shoes#?ll=en_US&ct=US&pid=330289&cid=1&pbid=INSPI_196610_v9_0_20100222&path=shoTurXPlu1003&piid=14732&p=PDPiD


One thought on “i.run.sunday.

  1. What’s my Sunday work out like?? Well I play ball for NYU POLY BK and we’re playing NYU Manhattan today so for a private school this is our biggest game of the regular season. Wish you could be there to see. But most important is the work it takes behind the scenes to get to the physical condition to even play basketball at the Collegiate level. It includes practices on Sundays, i often miss church for it(not proud of that), sprinting, shooting drills, running plays(like learning another language) and weight lifting. So when it’s not a game day we do two of either of those sessions a day on top of Electrical Engineering classes…talk about intense. There’s little time for social life right now because most of my day is dedicated to school or working out, but you know i had to take the time and remind you of how much you intrigue me. The one thing i could definitely learn from you is your discipline to eat healthy which i know is the main source to fuel my body for these brutal work outs. Just wish there was a way to penetrate the safe guard around your heart because i think us as partners would be electrifying(Obamas lol). We could really learn from each other and build together. (OK before you say in your dreams pal)Just keep up the good work and continue to brand your fitness life style inspiring every one with your radiance but please just keep an open mind about things, love has no boundaries. Just imagine taking that beauty you have inside&Out and sharing it:) Have a good day miss Lita xoxoxoxo hugs from your #1 fan/supporter/admirer do you believe in soul mates???

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