Follow Ryan’s lead: Change up the Training

There is a big plus to changing things up, trying different training techniques and disciplines to help your body become more accustomed to motions, movements that you wouldn’t necessarily get from working out in your gym.

A good example of this would be Ryan Grant’s applied training during the 2010 off season where he took advantage of skipping the field and gym for something a little different. Jay Glazer and Muay Thai expert and professional fighter Toby “TigerHeart” Grear show Ryan the ropes. They get stuck into hip opening techniques that are designed to ultimately help Ryan gain strength, power and balance on the field. His range of motion from his hips increased substantially and as Jay explains Ryan is able to really strengthen his knees and hips which will have a direct effect on his overall running power on the field.

Ladies, be open to trying something different, even if it means stepping into a ring. I saw first hand the intensity of this type of training and was pumped to want to join Ryan wrestle others to the ground with my hips …sounds like some harmless fun right?!

What I also found interesting is the MMA style of training isn’t physical to where you need to worry about getting hurt – you can save all that for fight day, the training is simply gut wrenching exercise that will leave you sweating puddles.

Be open to try something different, be open to MMA applied training.

MMAthletics: Episode 15 Ft/Ryan Grant

Yeaaa, I like this picture too! Bad ass…

2 thoughts on “Follow Ryan’s lead: Change up the Training

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