MUSIC MOTIVATION: “Blind” by Game Rebellion


“Game Rebellion”

Let me put it like this;

You’ve already ran 4.5miles [and counting], you’ve conquered brutal hills, your shins are screams at you, the pit of your belly is thirsty and you’re sweating rivers. You’ve dodged traffic, sprinted through red lights and bounced off your toes to avoid pedestrians, check it, you even mustered effort energy to spin off the ignorant loser trying to get your attention and chucked the Heisman hand up to his equally pathetic friend who thinks it’s cute to attempt running beside you as long as he can before his saggy jeans hit the pavement, all this only to face another mile before you reach the front door & able to replenish on some Muscle Milk. What to do if there’s no NOS button to hit? Answer; Go “Blind” with Game Rebellion and turn the volume up …!!!

Let’s go to work ladies, let’s take it to the finish line!!! …my motivational music this week is “Blind” by GAME …get to know it.



Brooklyn-based GAME Rebellion has been electrifying the New York music scene for three years with their unique blend of hip-hop, punk, metal, and skank. Their intelligent lyrics, attention to history, culture, and politics, and the inherent fun and energy of their music makes them vital to today’s hop-hop scene.

– BAM;


Sounds Like A Riot – Game Rebellion


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