Gym Freak, Workout Queen; Let Mimi tell you how it’s done:




I catch up with Mimi, the mother of a beautiful one year old daughter who like me frequently tweets like a gym freak!  Her drive and determination not only inspires me but many others that follow her encouraging words via Twitter.


Her answers below speak volumes to the sheer dedication and discipline to transforming her post birth body into top form and doing so with the very basics of healthy choices in diet and regular exercise. NO MORE EXCUSES ladies, let Mimi shine some light on ya…


1. You are a mother of a beautiful 1yr girl, after 12months of giving birth you look AMAZING! What action did you take to get that body back in great shape?

First let me start off by saying thank you and that hard work pays off! I’m 5ft 7in and I am usually about 140lbs and in my pregnancy I gained 32 lbs which for me was quite the weight gain. I made the choice to breastfeed which was the best decision I could have made because I lost all of my gained weight within the first 4-6 weeks after my daughter was born. I then took it upon myself after two months of giving birth to join my local YMCA and I haven’t looked back since.


2.       What’s your diet like, any must-eat foods that stay on your plate?

I really do not follow any strict diet. I pretty much eat what I want but I just try to make healthy choices. I do try to stay away from fried foods because I just feel that fried foods are just very unhealthy. As for any must-eat food, I would have to say any kind of vegetable and fruit because I think a lot of people easily overlook eating them. I do enjoy an occasional grapefruit as often as possible before meals because they are known to cut grease.


3.       I’ve seen those abs girl! What is your favorite Ab exercise?

You know what’s funny is that I do all of like 5 minutes of working out on my Abs a day. I would have to say that my favorite Ab workout would have to be use an Ab Roller. I think it is the best and most intense overall Ab workout; you are using your entire core which will mean all over definition.

(Pause; 5mins?! …must be genetics!)


4.       How often do you hit the gym? And do you take classes?

I go to the gym five days a week, Monday through Friday, and I allow myself the weekends for my muscles to recover. On Monday I take a Spin and Sport Class, which is 30 minutes of Spin and 30 minutes of Muscle Conditioning. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I take Circuit Training classes, Thursday I do a Boot Camp class which is 45 minutes of intense cardio and on Fridays I take an hour Spin Class. Fridays is also what I call my two-a-days because I go back to the gym for a focus training workout strictly for my quads.


5.       Favorite muscle to work on is…?

My favorite muscle to work on are my quads. I feel that this is my biggest, muscle to condition and get the proper definition that I want. I have always wanted what I call “soccer player legs” which really means I want mass on my legs and serious definition.


6.     Motivating music…what’s on your iPod?

I actually don’t use an iPod to workout. I feel like I get too distracted by the music. I rather get in the gym, stay focused, bust out my work out and move on.


7.       What keeps you motivated/who inspires MiMi?

Is it terrible to say that I am my own inspiration. Nobody motivates me like I do. I have always been an athlete and have always like working out but after going through the changes my body did with pregnancy I just became even more determined and motivated to get back and better then I was before.


8.       Lastly, name the sexiest part of a woman’s body and state why?

This is a toss up between a woman’s legs or stomach. But I think I will have to go with legs because as I said that is my favorite muscle to workout because I am obsessed with achieving “soccer player legs.” So I think having thick defined legs is absolutely sexy!


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