It started with Ashanti; “Rock With You” rocked me into gear!

This was it! Ashant’s Rock With You (Aww Baby) video …I was at my heaviest, in chubby bliss and didn’t even realize it, no wait, I did realize something …I realized ice-cream was my faithful lover and I sure did love the heck out of some ice-cream…so that I did know but I weighed in at approximately 159lbs (Age 21…soon to be a college graduate…I blame the stress of school!) and wasn’t feeling myself after catching a glimpse of Ashanti’s core in this here video.

I had me a little pudgy belly, soft around the arms, shoulders and back, ass for days (and not in the sexy way) and I want to say I almost had another chin move in …almost! I opened the freezer and said to myself “I will eat the remainder of this here ice-cream and then will banish you forrr-evvv-errr” …I’ve never been the type to waste food. You best believe I enjoyed every last scoop before putting ice-cream on the “eat not” list. Hard times folks.

OK, so I’m chubby but funnily enough I was still athletic and playing in a All-Girls Touch Football league once a week (Go Sydney South West Girls!). Nevertheless, Ashanti opened my eyes. I was like, I want that …as I glared at her rock hard abs, and well oiled body (no homo). Want makes this video even more enticing is the Mr. D’Angelo-like-alike with his braided up hair, handsome smile and sexy body!  Motivator? Umm, I think so…

Let Ashanti rock you into some core exercises, let’s get it right …


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