THANK YOU; that is all!

Hi Yall,

I wanted to post a personal entry simply to say hi! I’ve been meaning to take some time and give a big shout out to my followers! In the last few months since starting this blog I have received a great deal of positive feedback, it’s wonderful! Many of you are dear friends that comment me via Facebook, by email and even Twitter, your words are nothing but praise and positive energy so I want to take the time and give back a huge THANK YOU!

I didn’t think myself the blog type but after many of you hit me with the idea I couldn’t ignore it for too long! I started FollowTheLita out of fun simply wanting to promote that we should all lead happy, healthy and active lifestyles. There is nothing better than leading by example so I figured why not try my influence in a positive and uplifting way, hence my efforts here!

Bettering my health and fitness has in more recent years become a top priority of mine. I have been extremely fortunate that many of my closest mates are leading professionals in what they do, all have been icons and strong influences in my life that have encouraged me to maintain a healthy attitude towards exercising and eating clean.

Along my personal journey of reaching optimum health I’m sharing what I can, when I can by plugging helpful advice I’ve stumbled upon, sharing exercises I personally love doing & interviewing some of my favorite people, friends and fellow health nuts like me to also help influence a positive change in your health!

If you’re reading this, THANK YOU …thank you for following, thank you for your continued support and awesome feedback. I look forward to keeping this blog up to date and sharing that good stuff with yall!  I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am! …enjoy your sweat!

Best wishes,


2 thoughts on “THANK YOU; that is all!

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