Celebrate Your Type!

We come in all shapes and sizes, unique in every possible way imaginable. There is no wrong shape, nor right, what is important is that we claim and own our individualism and do our best to keep it in optimum shape by living a healthy lifestyle.

Which shape are you?

I wanted to include some images of bodies of all shapes that I adore & admire for a host of reasons… my reasons need no explanation, these pictures speak for themselves!

Bria Myles

Marisa Miller

Allyson Felix

Kim Kardashion

Gabrielle Union

Salma Hayek

Jessica Biel

Rosa Acosta

Britney Spears

Sonya Richards

Janet Jackson

Jessica Alba

Serena Williams

Megan Fox

…and of course Ciara


4 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Type!

  1. Knowing your body is key to being the healthiest. Find the diet and exercise that works best for you because what the next person does might not work the same for you.

  2. My body type is similar to Bria Myles. Most of my weight goes to the lower half of my body….
    I’ve accepted it….squats and lunges are my best friends at the gym 🙂

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