My Little Rule of Thumbs & Toes

>>>>> Thumbs, Toes …you know, the little rules I try to stick by when it comes to eating habits…

I’ve been advised by a faithful follower (you know who you are!) to start making this blog a lil’ more personal, and by personal she meant that I post more “me” on these pages. LOL, yes sounds kinda conceited right, well yea it is, haha. But with this said and a good laugh behind us I’m sharing a few helpful hints that I personally live by that relate to clean eating. Check it out >>>

  • I do my best to stay away from FRIED foods; Go grilled!

  • I avoid fatty salad dressings and sauces; Balsamic Vinaigrette is my favorite!
  • I drink as much water as I possibly can – aim for 6 glasses per day; Ugh, probably the most difficult task for me but I do. Especially important during the Summer season.
  • I do not add salt to my foods, only pepper and other spices; Cayenne Pepper is a trusted real goodie!
  • I do not eat after 8/9PM at night; Difficult yes, but the trick is to drink (fruit smoothies, water, hot teas) when hunger bites you passed 8pm! Note to self; it is common for most to mistake hunger for thirst.
  • I snack on only healthy foods if I ever get hungry; OK, so sometimes I cheat but my trusty lunchbox means I always have fresh fruit & dry fruits available!

  • I drink protein shakes; (sometimes as snacks between meals) but usually 30mins before my workouts
  • I am a realist; and so I incorporate a little ‘cheat snack’ at least 2-3 times a week! I’m adding this in because it’s important to be real with yourself. Avoiding the sugary treats you love completely only leads you down the binge path – don’t want that, so eat something on the black list a few times a week without the devil looming over your shoulder! 🙂



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