Ab Work Out, Get Bikini Ready!

Are you wearing a two piece this summer?

Then I think you should take a look at this…

I recently changed up my Ab work out because I hit that dreaded plateau. It was time to shake things up a little so I have incorporated the Weighted Ball Crunch into all my core sessions.

This exercise is a fun ab blaster that I’m finding is working effectively for me, I’m definitely feeling a kick in the gut the following morning! I love this move because I am intensifying the exercise by having to stabilize myself evenly and well balanced on the ball. Not only am I working my rectus abdominis (muscle pictured below) I am also having to work my overall core, including my core-back muscles as well to keep myself from sliding side ways.

This exercise should be performed with focus (as should any exercise), concentrate on your breathing, your stability and the motion of lowering the free weight behind your head.

Exercise: The Weighted Ball Crunch

What’s this move working: Rectus Abdominis (mid-abs)

What Do You Need: Ball, free-weight dumbbell & your abs ready to rock!


LEFT: Lie on stability ball holding a medicine ball or dumbbell with your arms above your head and close to your ears

RIGHT: Contract your abs and exhale while moving into a sit-up position, keeping the weight above your head. Inhale while returning to the start position and repeat.

I am currently using a 15 – 20lbs weight, however I would suggest starting with 10lbs should this exercise be new to you.

Did You Know: A study done at the Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University found that crunches on a ball rank high for strengthening and toning the rectus abdominis.

Hope yall enjoy this one as much as I am! …LL, x

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