Celebrity Buzz: Ryan Grant, Green Bay Packer talks fitness

Ladies check it outtt — I’ve been fortunate enough to steal a few minutes of the featured Running Back for the historic Green Bay Packers, Ryan Grant #25 – and we’re talking fitness, naturally!

Your boy Ryan stays opinionated so who better to throw some questions at and reap the benefits of a pro.

I ask Ryan about his workouts, his take on our most common health mistakes, what we should be doing in the gym and he also lets us know what he finds most attractive about a woman! Ah-huh! So read on ladies…readddd onnnn >>>

1.       Describe your workout schedule and diet during the season?

During the season I workout 3-4 times a week, we also have practice and longer days…during the off season I do more [workouts]. My diet in season is basically about protein and carbohydrates. Because my days are so long and I burn off so much energy I need things that will replenish and keep my muscles rebuilding, hence the need for a relatively heavy protein and carb diet. I’m also fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of my metabolism 🙂

2.       What do you think women of today lack the most of health wise?

I think women are no different from men in the sense that majority of people lack the discipline with their diet. They have no idea how much a change in your diet will drastically affect your body, sometimes more than the actual workout. But I also believe a lot of women have the false notion that if they start using weights they will become muscular and look man-ish..FALSE LOL

3. What do you think women’s biggest & most common mistake is diet wise?

Most common mistake is CHEATING [on their diets] it also goes back to what I was saying about lacking discipline. Also, for anyone looking to manage/lose weight eating at 8 or 9pm is a NO GO! Don’t do it, lol, especially women.

4.       Name one exercise that should always make a woman’s workout regime?

Lunges or Squats (even if it’s just bodyweight with slow reps). Lunges & squats are IMPERATIVE  for any woman wanting to tone their legs.

5.       For those looking to cut belly fat and tone their abdominal muscles what 2 top core exercises would you recommend?

I think that Static Abs (A) and Toe Touches – arms straight (B) are always solid exercises for core development.

(A) > STATIC AB WORKOUTS, Examples: Abdominal Bridges & Planks.

Ladies see article: http://www.active.com/fitness/Articles/Powerful_abdominals__Demand_more_of_your_core_.htm

Static abdominal exercises are more effective than crunches for strengthening the deeper ab muscles for more powerful core.

(B) > TOE TOUCHES, Example: lay on back, raise straight legs in air, touch with finger tips, lower and repeat.

Ladies see video:

6.       What is the sexiest part of a woman’s body?

Every part lol, but for me LEGS LEGS LEGS

7.       Motivating words of advice for any woman looking to change their body type would be…

Love who you are inside first, then worrying about the outside is easy!

Big thanks to Ryan for taking the time to answer a few questions for the FollowTheLita readers. Much appreciated xo

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