LOVE NIKE for keeping it 100!

You’ve probably at some point seen these Nike ads before (below) but I had to shine a little light on these genius campaigns once again simply because I love them! …haha, I am ‘Miss Nike’ at my local gym, with the much appreciated hook up I stay wearing the swoosh. Love it.

I give credit to the marketing efforts put behind this series of advertisements. Similar to the  “Real Beauty” Dove campaigns that came out a few summers back. Dove represented real women with real curves. Nike, as seen below pays homage to real athletic women with real athletic curves …and you know what I’m talking about …the thighs, the butt, the shoulders and so on…! Sadly enough I know naturally athletic women that are a little self conscious of their thighs or think their rounded shoulders are too much (whatever that means) but truth is – woman, you are hot & health so hushhh up!

Ladies; LOVE your unique form, your athletic structure, your strong foundation and presence!

I’ve got to quote some of the text taken from these ads…can you dig it?!


> i have thunder thighs > and that’s a compliment


> is big > and round like the letter C


> they get bruised and cut > I wear my dresses short


> when I’m in dance class > music affects them like hormones

Go to and check out where I’m getting my work out gear!

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