Questions; Answered!

A health enthusiast on a mission to drop weight has asked me a few questions. Because these are commonly asked questions I’m sharing the answers with all…

 I run a 5 mile hill course by my house and my body is kind of getting used to it. What does your cardio workout look like?

Awesome, you sound like you’re right on top of business! A 5mile run is a great effort. Personally I don’t like running for long periods at a time, I lose interest, get bored and as a result my form gets sloppy, I opt for Internal Training for my cardio – no more than 15-20mins of intense bursts of sprinting, jogging, steep incline power walking and repeating this in intervals. My heart rate jumps and I feel the same effects doing intervals training as I do 45mins of straight running…if not better results with interval.


 Do you have an eating plan?

Eating plan…no, not really. For the most part I eat whatever I want! If I were to take my diet seriously I could definitely cut a lot of foods and also avoid eating late at night but for me, now, it’s not necessary. I’ve never been a terrible eater, I usually eat clean throughout the day and possibly have something sweet every now and again. I recommend that you eat 5-6 meals a day – especially if you’re active! People don’t understand that food is really the key to healthy weight loss! It’s a common mistake for women to cut their carbs, cut calories and then turn around and beast up on their training – makes no sense, remember this: FOOD is FUEL …if you’re not getting enough fuel (the right fuel), you’re not providing your body with enough nutrients to train harder and therefore burn more calories!

Everyone’s training is different though so this may not apply to you but if you’re lifting, doing resistant training (weights) you definitely want to make sure your diet is on track otherwise you’ll be doing yourself a big injustice!

Note: NEVER skip on breakfast either! Breakfast and lunch are my biggest meals of the day.

 How can I break through this cardio-plateau? I’m trying to drop body fat and know cardio is key, but any other suggestions?

I’d recommend some moderate resistant training. I’ve noticed a lot of women are hesitant to hit the weight room but many also don’t realize that gaining lean muscle helps you fight fat – even when you sleep! So never be afraid to tone and gain lean muscle mass.


Do you take Yoga classes?

Funnily enough I’ve never taken a Yoga class! Classes, as good as they are have never been big in my training regime – stupid because I know all the benefits yoga/bikram and other awesome classes available at your gym like kickboxing/dance etc provide you but I’m still that girl that will skip a class to do movement training in the park or run to the weight room to do circuit training. I’ll change my mental this summer though, Yoga will be a must.

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