FAT LOSS: Add Em’ To Your Menu- Grapefruit & Cayenne Pepper


The delicious grapefruit has become my new bff! Ladies, did you know that just half a grapefruit eaten before each meal can help speed up your fat loss?! Yup, true. A o6’ study in the Journal of Medicinal Food has stated this to be correct! Their study concluded that people who eat half a grapefruit before each meal for a 12 week period lose three and a half pounds versus those that passed on the grapefruit before meals! BELIEVE IT!


Fruit to now spice ladies, yes, that’s right…now spice up your life!!! (said in my Scary Spice voice!). Studies indicate that CAYENNE PEPPER not only improves your circulation and digestion, but it also has thermogenic effects on your body. Sidebar translation; Themogenic – meaning it increases your body’s core temperature and therefore increases your metabolism. An increased metabolism aids fat loss – genius! Now, don’t expect miracles to happen right after you leave the dinner table but I’d say it’s a good idea to add a little cayenne love to your fav dishes.


8 thoughts on “FAT LOSS: Add Em’ To Your Menu- Grapefruit & Cayenne Pepper

  1. so does it work with grapefruit juice if u cant stomach a whole half a fruit? and no wonder they stick cayenne in those lemonade cleanses!

    • Lady my understanding is the fruit itself is best because it is obviously without added sugars, corn syrup etc. However if you can’t stomach the fruit (and I don’t blame you, it can taste sour at the best of times!) then opt for the juice. Better something than nothing right? I’d recommend an organic, no sugar or preservatives added grapefruit juice! This is one of my favs, made by Florida’s Natural: http://www.floridasnatural.com/juices/ruby-red-grapefruit-juice

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  3. All peppers give wealthy amount of vitamin C. But chili peppers contain an more substance, called capsaicin which offers many health rewards like efficient remedy and natural pain relief for irritation such as arthritis, psoriasis, diabetic neuropathy.It also decrease menace of coronary heart assault and stroke as it helps to decrease cholesterol levels and formation of blood clots.

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