Fitness Quote

“”A workout without FOCUS is

a workout without GAIN.”

I walked into the gym tonight exhausted. Since the weekend I’ve averaged maybe 4hrs of sleep each night…definitely not a good idea to hit the gym with expectations of accomplishing a stellar work out. I know better though, I realize that without focus I can not master proper form while carrying out my exercises and we all know how important ‘form’ is!

OK so what to do if you’ve already hauled yourself to the gym with raccoon eyes; here’s my advice –

1. Slow it down; you may find yourself trying to rush through your sets in hopes of finishing up earlier than usual, no, instead slow it down and concentrate on your movements. Breath.

2. Reduce your reps, reduce your weight; your muscles are tired so don’t over do it tonight. Get a solid set of 3 in, keep your reps to 8-10 and be happy. Remember it’s best to focus on completing 8-10 reps in perfect form than it is to rush 15 reps, 4 sets.

3. Hydrate; a given really but I can’t stress it enough, get that water in ya! Your body loves it and it will help you to channel your focus.

Kisses, LL!

One thought on “Fitness Quote

  1. You’re so dead on. This week my self control has got the best of me. A timely post and a timless saying. I know where a good deal of my day is headed.

    You’re the best Lita!

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