Ciara Ciara; she did it again!

Did what you ask? …Geezus, just check out the video and you’ll know exactly what I’m raving about. Ciara’s new video release “Ride” from the Fantasy Ride album is quite the show stopper!

The track is featuring our atlanta rep Ludacris…our girl goes from basic tights sporting at baseball cap (classic cici) to then a bangin’ black swimsuit fit for a runway model (zoom in on the bod in this scene, blow your freaking mind! …lucky Luda!) and then mr director teases us with a bucking saddle ranch scene…Ciara rides well,  right right?!

Ladies, listen, if you’re looking for some sort of inspiration to hit the gym, run the park or pick up a weight look no further than this…

Summer weather is already knocking at our door…wanna get the ciara-ride-right look? …well, what are you going to do about it?! Let’s get to work!

3 thoughts on “Ciara Ciara; she did it again!

  1. This video was def a inspiration!!!! She is also show that she is keepin sexy just by being proud of her body and sexuality. Love the blog lita!! great inspiration.. Now i just might want to go to the gym today !!! lol

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  3. Her stomach is beautiful. I like the way she re-vamped the Michael Jackson Tippy toe move. That was slick as all heck. Definately keeping these cookies in the house OUT of my mouth!

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