Butt Thrusting!! Grab your attention??


Target: gluteus maximus!!!

I just had to steal this one because I love this classic glute workout that is easy, quick to do and really targets those cheeks!  This is a Robert Kennedy “must-do”. For those unknowing Robert is the publisher of Oxygen Magazine, a terrific monthly fitness bible you want to check out.

Kill that giggle-wiggle in the back, tone up and firm those glutes by incorporating this simple training technique – The Hip Thrust.

I found it best to mix it up with other glute work outs like the –

  • The Back Step Lunge
  • Sumo Squats or
  • The Single Leg Bench Step-Up

I usually apply a circuit of 3 different exercises that all target the glute muscles.

Try 12-15 reps of 3-4 sets of three of the suggested gluteus maximus exercises to really feel the burn! …but please don’t hate me if you can’t sit comfortably the following morning. DO IT!



Set Up: Lie on your back on the floor with your feet comfortably apart (15 to 20 inches). Place a weight plate across your pelvis (as shown), holding it in place with your hands [A].

Action: Raise your hips as high as possible [B], lower and repeat. Your feet can be flat on the floor or you may choose to keep only your toes on the floor [C]. The up-on-the-toes position will activate additional stabilizer muscles in your core and isolate the hamstrings a bit more than the flat-footed version.

Tip: At the conclusion of your set, you can perform a dozen quick pulses to maximize the intensity in the glutes area (i.e., at the top of the movement where your hips are raised, perform a series of quick pulses where the up-down action is limited to just two to three inches).

Robert Kennedy – Oxygenmag.com

One thought on “Butt Thrusting!! Grab your attention??

  1. Thanks for this post! i need to get with the butt thrusting program ASAP!
    This booty is getting to be a bit much!! LOL

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