No Disrespect But What-the-heck?!

OK, OK, OK…before you ask the question let me be honest with you and say ‘I don’t know’ but what does it matter, we’re not trying for this anyways! So this posting is purely a i-dont-understand-it-but-im-going-to-look-anyways…

And your comments are welcome because I am completely speechless (be nice or say nothing at all!) lol…

Check out miss thang’s teardrop! (below)

Holy smokes!!!

I deliberately left this one for last, although I find it on the excessive side I can’t help but appreciate her symmetry, I mean, look at her …I don’t see a body anymore, I see art. I don’t care what any of yall say, she gets my vote!


8 thoughts on “No Disrespect But What-the-heck?!

  1. Ummmm…i guess i’ll say nothing at all. Simply because im scared. Oh who am i fooling, they all look NUTS!!! OMG

  2. It makes me sad. No disrespect to these women – but I’d always considered male bodybuilding as the guys equivalent of anorexia. Some kinda body dysmorphia. As if it were taking the basic historically embedded idea of what the other sex is perceived to find desirable as a means of expressing a deeper angst and, perhaps underpinned by a weak ego/sense of self, effectively overcompensating to the point of inadvertent caricature. But it’s even sadder nowadays: increasing incidence of male anorexia – increasing incidence of female body-building – like we’ve exchanged primal neuroses. Do we really need to mutate/mutilate ourselves in order to be loved? 😦 I think not! I shall continue to stand by the belief that being me will find the perfect connection somewhere. Well, seems to have worked so far in my life 😀 x

    • Mr. Baldwin, thank you for your feedback. Just wanted to note that although your thoughts are valid I would suspect that these athletes do not train their bodies to look this way out of the fear of not being loved. Bodybuilding is a sport, like other athletes professional bodybuilders in my opinion should be given the same respect ~ LL

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