Monthly Inspiration: Melissa Hall

Inspired By Fitness Model: Melissa Hall

Ms. Bikini Universe. As a top national fitness competitor, beauty pageant title holder, 7 time magazine cover feature, and contributing fitness writer this week I am inspired by the beautiful Melissa Hall.

“Melissa Hall is a true example of a top-level competitor, model, spokesperson, and athlete.”

– Kerrie Lee Brown, Editor-in-Chief, Oxygen Magazine


These are 5 Tips Melissa offers to FIRE UP YOUR METABOLISM:

  1. Make special requests when dining out. Don’t be afraid to ask for the dressing on the side. Skip the bread basket and ask for a side or rice or a baked potato without the sour cream. Most fast food restaurants have fresh fruit or baked chips.
  2. Stretch! Stretching increases your flexibility and can help prevent injuries. Do it before, during, and after you workout. It will increase your range of motion.
  3. Work out first thing in the morning if you want to have more energy through out the day, Studies have shown you can boost your metabolism and are more alert throughout the day.
  4. Incorporate weight training into your workout routine! Cardio alone will not cut it! You need both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Having more lean muscles means more calories burned at a resting state. Blast the fat…
  5. Try an interval training program if you are looking to get to the next level and have been doing cardio for a while. Most treadmills and ellipticals have plenty to choose from. This workout is effective for breaking through a plateau, increasing endurance, in addition to strength.

Learn more about Ms. Hall at:


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