The Human Body: What it’s capable of!

FEATURED: Ronnie Coleman – gawddddamnn!

OK, so it’s completely mind blowing to me that the human body is capable of this – please see video – I mean, Ronnie Coleman and the then Arnold Schwarzenegger just take the human species to a whole other level when it comes to professional Body Building.

Body Building – yea right, talk about an understatement, these athletes are literally building every muscle, every fibre, every everything of your physical existence! CRAZY – but I LOVE IT!

These athletes should be our first line of defense …if aliens were to come down and try to invade, I’d want the likes of Ronnie and his gym junkie peers to be the first humans they spot – maybe we could scare them away!

VIDEO:  Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs. Ronnie Coleman


3 thoughts on “The Human Body: What it’s capable of!

  1. EEeek! Sure they look impressive, but how much gear are they on to maintain this? No human can look like this naturally. There is simply not enough Testosterone/HGH supplied by the body to achieve it! Therefore, my only admiration for guys like this is mental willpower to maintain the lifestyle of which is actually quite alien to you and I. Kinda brings new meaning to the term ”gym junkie”.

    Lita, I love this, what you have here – you have me hooked now! I’m a yuge fan!! May I request you run a section on Sarena?? I think she’s totally inspiring! Agree?

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