Serena Sends Sparks

Jesus! Need a little inspiration? I found some images that get me going! …and not in a racey I want to rip her lack-there-of clothes off…Oh wait a minute, she’s not wearing any. You get my point. The girl looks amazing. ESPN did her right with this shoot, sexy but professional. Strong and athletic but womanly. Argument would be she’s “too much” I’ve heard this a lot (from men) but too much of what exactly? …Greatness?! I’ve never been shy of a little womanly muscle, heck, I think we need to achieve more of it (personal opinion).

Question; What is too much? Hmm, I’d love to address this at a later time because there’s so much to say but let me say this much…Serena freaking Williams; too much? NO. She’s much alright, much of a lot of good!

I’m inspired!

Now let’s get off the computer and hit the gym…


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